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What are the Parts of a Garage Door?

What are the Parts of a Garage Door?

Oleg Chudnovski

Technically Reviewed by Oleg Chudnovski on Nov 21, 2023 | Written by Olga Larina

Buying and using a new garage door for a long time is difficult to imagine how many parts any door can have. Of course, the customer doesn’t need to know all the points about and understand how a door operates or what parts it consists of. However, if something is going wrong with your door, elementary knowledge will help you to pay attention to the first signs and avoid serious damage.

A garage door looks pretty simple, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. That is not true if you think it is just another door on your property. We can all be forgiven for only thinking of the door itself, but a garage door comprises some complex parts. Thus, garage door experts at Fix Garage Doors CA have analyzed and put together a simple guide to the different parts of a roll-up door.

It will be useful to look through our prepared list of the essential garage door and door opener parts homeowners should have on hand.

Main Garage Doors Parts of a Garage Door System

When you have a completely automated garage door, understanding how it should operate is crucial. Look through the information in the table below to learn about any garage door system’s basic garage door components.

Name and Description of Garage Door Parts

Door Opener – is a box hanging at the center of the garage ceiling with the mechanized equipment to open and close the garage door panels? This remote device receives a signal to open or close the door. But there is a pull string, which allows the garage door to be operated manually.
Springs allow cables to pull the garage door. A garage door spring ensures its proper opening when used.  They are the true pulling power because they exert elastic potential energy with the help of which the door is pushed and pulled.
Tube – as a rule, it runs above the garage door itself. This tube shaft spans the garage door and typically holds the torsion springs in place. Without the tube to hold the torsion springs, they might not stay in one spot, and the door would cease functioning.
Drums – act as the catalyst for the ends of the tube shaft powered through the torsion springs and motor. The drum rolls in place to pull the garage door cable, allowing the system to lift and open the door.
Cables – are on either side of the door connected to the drum. The cables are the workhorse of the total system, as they give the power to pull, open, and shut the door with every command. We can compare them with the arms of the garage door systems.
Rollers and Tracks – can be found on both sides of the door frame (from the weather seal to the back end past the motor). You will see door tracks with pulley wheels or rollers in the place where the door connects to the rest of the system. The horizontal track helps to operate the door efficiently and move smoothly and safely.
Brackets and Hinges – keep everything in the system connected to itself and your garage. These garage door hinges and brackets hold the tracks, cables, and even the garage door mechanism. Brackets and hinges also require regular inspection because the vibrations from operating the door will loosen them over time.
Weatherproof Seals – fit on the bottom and side edges of any garage door. They create an air-tight weather seal that keeps the elements out of your garage.
Safety Sensors uses photo eye sensors to ensure the automatic operation of your door doesn’t lead to issues. The sensors around the edges rely on laser technology, and if the door is in the middle of an operation and something or someone passes the laser sensor, the door will stop moving.
Emergency Cord – hangs from the center of the operating mechanism in the middle of the garage. You may use it to disengage the door from the motor at any time.  Safety mechanisms like the emergency cord allow you to retain control over your garage door even without this system.

This small description will help you understand the main process of garage door work. Any type of garage door is simple to maintain regularly. If you notice any issues with any garage door parts, turn on our professional team at Fix Garage Doors CA for garage door repair and replacement.

Four Main Parts of a Garage Door Opener System

Now let’s talk about the four main components of any garage door opener. We are sure this information will help you better understand how your door operates. Besides, this will allow you to notice even minor signs and small issues to get resolved on time, avoiding bigger problems or full malfunctioning of the following garage door parts.

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Thus, the following components are below, with a brief explanation of how they work in general:

  • Springs – there are two different types of garage door springs: torsion springs – they are located above the door and attached perpendicular to the tracks; as a rule, they are standard when we talk about new doors, have a longer life and are safer; and extension springs – .located parallel to the end of the track, they are more dangerous and can cause more damage to your garage or vehicle once they are broken. No matter what type of springs your garage door has, they are really dangerous anyway. And when you notice any signs of rusting, aging or wrapping, do not wait. Contact a professional service to handle repair or replacements immediately.
  • GAC (Galvanized Aircraft Cable) – the metal cable connecting the garage door and the motor is widely used but must be upgraded to a stainless steel one. Regular inspection will help avoid damage as you cannot see wear or fraying. If you notice something, ask a garage door pro to replace it as soon as possible, as your door won’t move.
  • Rollers – the widely spread issue with the door. You may face problems with rollers (small wheels) and the track because they ensure the door stays straight when it ascends or descends. Rollers are always under constant strain. Consequently, these parts of a garage are the most vulnerable to damage and require regular maintenance.
  • Motor – is the component you cannot watch, investigate or something else as it is operating force behind the garage door. Here, you should be attentive to any noises, such as clicking or squeaking. They are the first signs to be replaced. If you are not a technician, it will be difficult to determine whether you have a problem with the main parts of your garage.

A trusted garage door team at Fix Garage Doors is sure to resolve any issue, help you replace your garage door cable drums and safety cables, handle spring replacement if a torsion spring or extension springs are broken or need repairs and more.

Common Issues with a Garage Door Opener System

On average, garage door operations open and close over 1500 times during the year. It means that due to the door’s weight, there is a lot of heavy lifting over and over and over. Considering the frequency, it is no wonder that most garage door issues are a common headache for homeowners. Luckily, many common garage door problems can be quickly fixed and sometimes even do not require professional assistance.

However, even a reliable door will require substantial repairs or replacement that can’t be done by pushing a few buttons. Thus, our door experts prepared a list of common garage door problems you may face.

  1. Noisy garage door
  2. The door is opening unevenly
  3. Garage door opening and closing too slow
  4. The opener switch won’t work
  5. The keypad is not working
  6. The remote control is out of order
  7. The garage door won’t open or close
  8. The garage door motor runs, but the door does not move

Let us point out that the proper and regular season maintenance schedule can prevent most garage doors and especially door openers issues. If you are unsure that you can do this by yourself or know how to check even to define the problem, do not put yourself at risk and hire professionals. Hiring an expert door installer and repair technician to care for your garage door work will help avoid disaster or more damage.

Professional Garage Door Installation in Toronto and the GTA

Have any concerns about the operation of your door, or are you thinking of changing to a new one? It’s time to get your new garage door installation services professionally today! Fix Garage Doors CA in Toronto and GTA is here to meet all of your door needs, including diagnostics and basic care at the highest level.

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