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Garage Door Hinges Repair Service

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Garage door hinge repair and replacement services are vital for maintaining your garage door's smooth operation and structural integrity. Hinges play a critical role in facilitating the door's movement as it opens and closes, and over time, wear and tear can cause them to deteriorate or break. When hinges malfunction, they compromise the door's functionality and pose safety risks.

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Garage Door Hinges Repair and Replacement -

Garage Door Hinges Repair in Toronto and the GTA

Fix Garage Doors CA is one of the industry’s most experienced and best professionals. Most people turn to us due to trusted garage door services in Toronto and the GTA areas. Garage doors are often used; thus, their mechanical parts begin to wear over time. The garage door hinges and rollers are central components in the structure and operation of your door. This happens to everyone, and you’ll be faced with the question of changing door hinges.

If your garage door makes strange noises and sounds while opening or closing, this could be a sign that your broken door hinge needs replacement. Contact our professional technicians to define the problem with them and get your garage door back working.

Garage Door Hinges Repair in Toronto and the GTA
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Same-day Garage Door Hinges Repair & Replacement Services

With more than 17 years in the garage door repair market, we value all of our customers and our reputation. Turn to Fix Garage Doors CA, and you will receive garage door hinges repair for the professional results you deserve. Our team is hand-picked and factory-trained to offer the highest quality repair, maintenance, and installation. We provide the best service for your garage door openers, springs (including torsion springs), cables, and more. Our technicians are ready to install new doors or any elements for your garage door system and repair overhead or roll-up garage doors.

Our garage door repair company provides local garage door service the same day you contact us. We understand that doors are the central and secure part of any house, so we offer emergency garage door repairs. In addition to our services, we are prepared to give you detailed advice concerning garage doors, for instance, which hinges to choose for replacement, and much more. Contact us, and our friendly representatives will reply and answer all your possible questions.

Garage Door Hinge Replacement

Garage door hinges are metal parts which fasten panels together, allowing them to bend when operating. It would be best to remember that garage door hinges have different designs and functions. Our experts will help you to choose the best garage door hinges that will suit your door.

Hinges can wear out and tear when used over the years. For example, any of them can break, or their screws can become loose or cause damage to other components. If you experience any of these garage door problems, you must stop using your garage door immediately. It means that you need garage door hinge replacement.

End hinges are numbered by place (in sequential order from the bottom up) on the garage door.

Main steps to replace garage door hinge:

  1. Find the right (damaged) hinges;
  2. Prepare the door and remove hinges;
  3. Replace with new hinges;
  4. Test the garage door.

After replacing the garage door hinges, it’s time for the final touches to check out the new hinges. They should be exactly on the door. At first look, it is not tricky for a DIY job. However, from our experience, you should trust garage door hinges to repair specialists to avoid improper installation, more severe damage, or the risk of being hurt.

How to Repair Garage Door Hinges

Our garage door technicians prepared a small guide on how to repair door hinges. Sure, you can follow but the best decision is to trust this job to professionals.

1. Disconnect the door

Disengage the door from the motor and then roll the door all the way.

2. Remove bolts from the bottom of the hinge

Use a drill to remove bolts at hinge bottom.

3. Remove roller and save for future use, then install new hinge

Slide the roller out and keep it handy for reusing that part again. So, our new hinge is ready to be installed.

4. Reverse the steps

Now do everything in reverse order: slip the roller in the track and slide the hinge over it.

5. Align holes with hinge openings

Line up the holes with the hinge openings and place the bolts back in, starting from the top.

NB: use the washer from the old hinge.

If you have more than one broken hinge, do the same with the rest. Keep in mind that every hinge has a different number, be careful when you choose the correct one (number one is down at the bottom and goes up to number three, taller doors can have more than three hinges).


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes garage door hinges to break?

    Garage door hinges can break due to several reasons:
    1. Wear and Tear: Over time, the constant movement of the garage door can cause hinges to wear out and weaken.
    2. Lack of Maintenance: Insufficient lubrication and maintenance can lead to increased friction and stress on the hinges, making them more prone to breakage.
    3. Excessive Force: Slamming the garage door shut or applying too much force when opening or closing it can strain and eventually break the hinges.
    4. Rust or Corrosion: Exposure to moisture and lack of rust protection can cause hinges to corrode and weaken.
    5. Low-Quality Materials: Poor-quality hinges made from inferior materials are more likely to break prematurely.

    How do you replace the middle hinge on a garage door?

    To replace the middle hinge on a garage door, follow these steps:
    1. Safety First: Ensure the garage door is fully closed and disconnect the opener for safety.
    2. Remove the Old Hinge: Using a socket wrench or adjustable wrench, remove the bolts or screws securing the old hinge to the door panel.
    3. Detach the Roller: If the hinge has a roller, disconnect it from the track by removing any bolts or pins.
    4. Install the New Hinge: Position the new hinge in place, aligning it with the existing holes. Insert and tighten the bolts or screws securely.
    5. Reattach the Roller: If the hinge includes a roller, reconnect it to the track using bolts or pins.
    6. Test the Door: Manually open and close the door to ensure it moves smoothly without any issues.
    7. Reconnect the Opener: Once you've confirmed that the door functions correctly, reconnect the garage door opener.

    Should garage door hinges be replaced?

    Garage door hinges are very important to the overall functioning of your garage door. They will be necessarily replaced as soon as they are damaged because they can affect the opening or closing of your garage door.

    How much does it cost to replace garage door hinges?

    If you purchase the materials yourself, this repair shouldn’t run you too much. It may be around $10 for a piece.

    Is it worth repairing or it would be better to replace garage door hinge?

    Replacing the door hinges is one of the easiest things you can do to update home hardware. If you have recently replaced your outdated door knobs or door levers (or going to do in the nearest future), you will want to replace your door hinges so that all of the door hardware is in the same finish.