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Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal Repair Service

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Garage door bottom rubber retainers are integral to the garage door system, providing secure housing for the bottom seal or weatherstripping. These durable rubber retainers are designed to hold the seal in place along the bottom edge of the door, effectively preventing drafts, debris, and pests from entering the garage. They also contribute to insulation and weatherproofing, enhancing the energy efficiency of the garage space. Garage door bottom rubber retainers are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different door types, making them an essential addition for those looking to maintain a well-sealed and secure garage environment while extending the life of their garage door.

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Garage Door Bottom Rubber Retainers Repair Service -

Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal Replacement Service in Toronto and the GTA

The garage door weather seal is the most common type of weatherstripping used in garage doors. It keeps out the rainwater and dirt. You can get garage door bottom retainer replacement in various sizes, with the option to install it directly to the door using nails or a retainer channel.

The garage door bottom seal retainers come in various designs, allowing for easy garage door bottom rubber seal replacement and access to different materials like vinyl or aluminum bottom seal retainers.

Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal Replacement Service in Toronto and the GTA
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Garage Door Emergency Repair

Same-day Garage Door Bottom Retainers Seal Replacement in Toronto and the GTA

During windy or stormy conditions, allowing water and dirt into the garage only takes a bit of space. Remember to call Fix Garage Doors, CA, when your garage door rubber bottom fails to get same-day services.

We will send a team to your house with the required tools and replacements to restore your garage door weather seal to optimum performance.

Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal Replacement Services

Same-day emergency garage door repair services are available to everyone in Toronto and the GTA upon request. Our experts will be in and out as soon as possible, ensuring that your replacement garage door bottom rubber seal works optimally.

How to replace the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door

We do not recommend doing the replacement yourself since it is easy to get some of these jobs wrong. However, if you have the experience and tools to do it, replacing your garage door bottom retainer becomes easier.

Here’s how you replace a rubber seal on the bottom of your garage door:

1. Take measurements of the door

Begin by measuring the garage door’s height, width, and thickness. These measurements will be required when purchasing a garage door stop with a built-in sealing lip and a replacement garage door bottom seal. Add V-strip weather stripping, a tube of outside caulk, and a small container of wood sealant (for wooden doors) to your list. Purchase a rubber threshold to adequately seal it.

Many garage doors include a metal track with a removable rubber seal. The seal compresses and breaks with time. Substitute it with a “cold weather” silicone-type sealant, which retains flexibility in cold temperatures and lasts longer.

2. Remove the old garage door bottom seal retainer and install the new one

If it has been crimped, you can slide out the old rubber or pry it off using a flat screwdriver. You can cut it off if necessary. Clean the bottom and cut new rubber sealant with a razor knife to fit the door. It takes some time to slide it on.

Wooden garage doors have rubber seals nailed to them and sealed with the wood sealer, necessitating some more work. Prepare the areas before you start the installation.

3. Install your threshold and a stop

Start by cleaning the concrete and letting it dry. Then, install the threshold after measuring and marking where the garage door sits when it is down. Remove your old stop and install a new one if necessary.

Why Customers Choose To Replace the Bottom Rubber Seal With Fix Garage Doors CA

During our replacements, we always check everything else that may be off about your garage door. We can replace garage door trim if rotting or damaged, clean rusty tracks, grease or oil moving parts, and more.

Our clients choose our garage door repair service because we are easy to contact, have a reputation for professional and reliable installations, and use the best parts for all jobs, including replacing your garage door bottom retainer.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to replace the bottom seal on a garage door?

    The cost to replace the bottom seal on a garage door can vary depending on several factors, including the door size, the type of seal you choose, and whether you hire a professional for the installation. On average, the cost for a standard bottom seal replacement can range from $50 to $100 for the seal itself. If you opt to have a professional technician install the seal, you can expect to pay an additional labour fee, which may range from $85 to $250 or more, depending on your location and the complexity of the installation.

    What do you call the rubber on the bottom of a garage door?

    The rubber is known as the garage door seal retainer. Bottom retainers come in various forms and sizes, like side and top retainers. Inserts made of rubber or vinyl with Bead-Shaped and T-Shaped ends can be fitted onto the bottom retainers based on the shape of the slots.

    What is the best way to seal the bottom of my garage door?

    Thresholds can be employed in place of or in addition to a door seal. When a driveway dips into a garage, thresholds are frequently used to keep groundwater out. They can also be used to fill a huge gap beneath a door. A high-quality vinyl threshold barrier can outlast a door seal.

    Is the size of all garage door weather seals the same?

    The most popular garage door bottom seal type is the U-shaped variant with T ends that fit into the retainer. The width of the T is not uniform; a quarter inch is by far the most frequent, but 5/16" is also utilized by some garage door manufacturers. We have a large range of seals to ensure that your door size can be accommodated.