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Garage Door Parts Repair and Replacement

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Fix Garage Doors CA™ — Garage Door Repair Service

It doesn’t have to be a major challenge to keep your garage door running smoothly for years as long as it gets the regular maintenance and repair work it needs. Fix Garage Doors CA has been the GTA’s best choice for garage door parts repair and replacement for more than 15 years now with over 150,000 customers served. Our success has been built on timely and affordable service when our clients need us most.

The reason we’ve been able to consistently provide our customers with this great service is that we make sure our repairmen are well trained, licensed and insured before they head out into the field on service calls. They will always try to fix existing parts if they can first, but they’re ready to replace anything that needs to be replaced as well.

There aren’t too many things that we haven’t seen before and that gives us an edge by making it easier to get to the root of any issues with your door’s hardware. We’re ready to get started as the garage door parts repair service you can trust, and this is why we feel we’re the right fit for your needs:

  • Reliable, licensed and insured technicians on every call
  • Servicing Toronto for 15+ years
  • Repair work is protected by a 1-year service warranty
  • More than 150,000 GTA clients serviced to date
  • Order a new door installation and get $40 off
  • Same-day repairs, service and maintenance work
  • If you’re a senior, you’ll receive $35 off the regular price
Fix Garage Doors CA™ — Garage Door Repair Service

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At Fix Garage Doors CA, we will always do our best to repair your existing garage doors if it’s possible.
Fix Garage Doors CA

Same-Day Garage Door Parts Repair and Replacement

We are Southern Ontario’s same-day garage door parts repair and replacement specialists. Choosing Fix Garage Doors CA means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your repairs have been done by a qualified professional every time.

Garage door hardware repair can be complicated if you’re not prepared, and that’s why all of our service personnel are put through a rigorous training program before they start servicing clients.

We also believe that proper communication with our customers is an important part of the process. You’ll always be kept in the loop on any work performed and know the estimated cost of repair or replacement before we begin. There are many types of repairs and parts replacement we can help with.

Repair or Replace Hinges

A hinge may seem like a minor garage door part, but your door won’t function without them. We can often repair your hinges or replace them with affordable parts at a price you’ll appreciate.

Replacement of Worn-out Bearings

Another minor but important part of your garage door’s structure is the bearings that keep it running smoothly by helping to reduce friction. Without bearings, your door wouldn’t open and close properly. We can replace your worn-out bearings and get your door rolling along its tracks smoothly again.

Replace Broken Track Parts

If your garage door can’t roll on its tracks, it won’t open and close — it’s that simple. Our technicians can quickly repair or replace any damaged track parts so you can get the use of your garage back.

Contact Us for the Same-Day Garage Door Parts Repair

FIX Garage CA is located in Aurora, Ontario, and our local garage repair technicians serving the GTA and southern Ontario. Call us, and we can help at 888-242-0777. Check our service map to confirm the service area nearest to your city or town.

Fix Garage Doors CA

Type of Garage Doors Opener We Install

The Type of Garage Doors Opener Kit is classified by horsepower and indicated as HP. We serve the most popular Brands in North America of them

Chain Drive Openers

Chain Drive Openers

Traditional steel chain built for extra strength and durability. Ideal for detached garages.
Belt Drive Openers

Belt Drive Openers

Low maintenance, threaded steel rod system. Ideal for heavy garage doors.
Screw Drive Openers

Screw Drive Openers

No maintenance, steel-reinforced, heavy duty belt. Ideal for attached garage doors.

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