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Garage Door Bracket Repair

Garage Door Bracket Repair

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Garage Door Bracket Repair Service in Toronto and the GTA

Your garage door is an essential feature of your home with many different parts. That also means there are several things that can go wrong with its operation. The brackets on your door are one of the items that may need repair or replacement at some time during the lifetime of your garage door. Fix Garage Doors CA is ready to help on short notice anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes time for garage door bracket repair and our technicians have more than 15 years of hands-on time on the job. We are fully certified to offer a wide range of garage door bracket repair services and replacements in the GTA and surrounding areas of Southern Ontario.

Over the years we’ve worked on doors made by a range of different manufacturers, both old and new. You can count on that experience when it’s time for the repair or replacement of your garage door opener brackets. There are many good reasons to choose Fix Garage Doors CA for your next garage door opener bracket repair, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Our same-day repair service is dependable and on time
  • If bracket repair isn’t enough, ask about our $40 off of any new door installation
  • 150,000+ customers served and counting
  • Every repair is covered by our 1-year service warranty
  • Each technician is licensed and insured
  • We offer all seniors $35 off standard rates
Garage Door Bracket Repair Service in Toronto and the GTA

Special Garage Deals On Sale

At Fix Garage Doors CA, we will always do our best to repair your existing garage doors if it’s possible.
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3/4 HP Ultra Quiet Belt Drive

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Raised Panel, 8 to 7 feet high


Raised Panel, 8 to 7 feet high

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Same-Day Garage Door Parts Repair and Replacement

Fix Garage Doors CA is Your #1 Garage Door Bracket Repair Contractor in the GTA!

Same-Day Garage Door Bracket Repair

You can turn to Fix Garage Doors CA for fast and efficient repair service when you find yourself dealing with a broken garage door bracket. We are your best option for garage door bracket repair in Toronto, and we have more than 150,000 customers served so far to back that up.

When one of our technicians repair one of your garage door brackets, you can be confident of quality craft, and that’s backed up by our 1-year service warranty on all service calls. We believe that garage door repairs should be fast and affordable, and we’ll always seek your permission and provide you with an upfront cost before starting on your garage bracket repair or garage door bracket replacement.

Replace Missing or Damaged Screws

In some cases, repairing a garage door bracket may be as simple as tightening a loose screw or replacing a missing one. Your garage door brackets are subject to a lot of wear and tear over the years as they play a central role in how the door opens and closes.

Screws may work themselves loose naturally over time, or they may loosen because of a jarring impact. No matter how it happens, they need to be tightened as soon as possible to prevent potentially permanent damage or other problems for your door, and it’s one of the first things that our repairmen look for.

Replace Cracked Metal Plates

Depending on the type of brackets that support your door, they may sit on metal plates designed to provide extra stability. If these plates are cracked or damaged, your door may not open properly, or it may be causing your door to jam in the tracks.

When you continue to use a garage door with one or more damaged brackets, you may do irreparable damage to it, leading to the need for a full garage door replacement. Repairing or replacing a bracket before it becomes a major problem is a better, more affordable option which one of our repair specialists can do for you in just a few minutes.

Replace Bent, Damaged or Rusted Garage Door Brackets

Many different types of brackets and hinges help make your garage door operate smoothly, including garage door mounting brackets, reinforcement brackets, track mounting brackets, top roller brackets and center brackets. Fix Garage Doors CA can fix or replace any of these for you quickly and safely.

If we can easily repair your existing garage brackets, we will, but if they’re bent, damaged or showing obvious signs of rust, the best course of action is usually to replace the bracket — we arrive with some replacement parts in tow so that we’re ready for anything.

Why Clients Choose Fix Garage Doors CA

When it comes to garage door repair, maintenance, or installation, it is crucial to leave it to qualified garage door specialists. It can be dangerous to address these issues on your own. Although you may find a lot of information about DIY garage door repair online, when it comes to garage doors, however, we do recommend that you should leave it to the professionals.

Fix Garage Doors CA has more than fifteen years of experience and has factory-trained garage door technicians who will help you immediately.  We offer local garage door services, including garage door repair and installation, replacement and garage door opener reinforcement as well.

When you hire a certified professional to complete the work of high quality, we can identify the problem, find the solution, and have your door functioning again in a fraction of the time it would take you to troubleshoot and fix the problem. If you need garage door contractors near me, we are the company you are looking for. Moreover, we provide a warranty for overhead garage door repair and installation.

Authorized Repair Service Provider for LiftMaster and Chamberlain

Type of Garage Doors Opener

The Type of Garage Doors Opener Kit is classified by horsepower and indicated as HP. We serve the most popular Brands in North America of them. Besides, we replace all garage door opener accessories, if you have any issues with opener parts. Our company provides repair and replacement of garage door opener reinforcement bracket and metal bracket for garage door opener as well.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain Drive Openers

Traditional steel chain built for extra strength and durability. Ideal for detached garages.
Belt Drive Openers

Belt Drive Openers

Low maintenance, threaded steel rod system. Ideal for heavy garage doors.
Screw Drive Openers

Screw Drive Openers

No maintenance, steel-reinforced, heavy duty belt. Ideal for attached garage doors.

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    Common Garage Door Problems and Repairs

    Some typical Garage Door issues we are dealing with:

    Some typical Garage Door issues we are dealing with:

    If you are like most homeowners, perhaps you take your garage doors for granted. As long as it goes up and down when you need it to, you do not think much about it. Garage doors can be rather predictable when it comes up and over garage door problems. Although we never recommend you to undertake major repairs on your garage door or opener.

    Trust garage door opener troubleshooting our licensed and qualified technicians, who can handle any garage door issues, not only opener bracket repair but garage door opener bracket installation. Besides, you will enjoy our special garage deals on sale.

    • Grage dors adjustment (vertical/horizontal) (Side/overhead)
    • The garage door spring is broken
    • The garage door opener is not working
    • Garage door cables are broken
    • Garage door opening by itself
    • Garage door bearings are not speaning
    • Openers safety beams are broken
    • Remote control, keyless keypad re-programming
    • Garage door lock replacement
    • Ultimate Garage door threshold weather defender replacement


    Our professional specialists are qualified to repair all of the major brands of garage doors and openers. Fix Garage Doors CA provides services of all of your garage door opener bracket repair, replacement, and installation. Among the most widely-spread garage door brands are Atoms, Chamberlain, GenieClopayMarantec, Craftsman, Linear, Steelcraft, LiftMaster, Mastercraft, Wayne Dalton, Skylink and others.

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