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Licensed and Insured repair and installation of all the most popular North American brands in the residential and light commercial sectors.

Complete Warranty

Complete Warranty

Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Repair Service Provider for LiftMaster and Chamberlain

WSIB Insured

WSIB Insured

We are fully insured for liability as well as WSIB for your protection

Garage Door Repair Service in Barrie, Ontario

Do you think that your old garage doors are out of date and don’t suit your new view? Does constant repair make feel you distressed? Let’s introduce one of the most professional teams and responsible experts in garage door repair. Skillful technicians at Fix Garage Doors CA in Barrie are always nearby. We provide services in the repair, installation and maintenance of garage doors and garage door openers.

Take advantage of contacting us and receive same-day services. Moreover, we offer a complete warranty not only for our services provided but on the parts.

We are ready to suggest the best services in the installation of new garage doors and openers, and the repair and maintenance of the old ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us for high-quality services at affordable prices and pleasant discounts. We are available 7 days a week a year-round, including holidays and weekends.


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At Fix Garage Doors CA, we will always do our best to repair your existing garage doors if it’s possible.
18 Years of Experience

18 Years of Experience

Certified experts of Fix Garage Door CA in Barrie have more than eighteen years of experience in repair, installation and maintenance. It allows us to be on standby and handle any problems with your garage doors and openers. The best services of high quality are for favourite customers.

Cost-Effective Service

Cost-Effective Service

Fix Garage Door CA in Barrie is always cares for its customers who can rely on us and trust the repair, maintenance and installation of any type of garage doors and openers. In addition, we offer special discount coupons for any new installation or when booking online. Contact us and you never regret it.

Licensed and Insured Pros

Licensed and Insured Pros

If you look for a professional team of garage door and opener repair and installation services, don’t hesitate to call Fix Garage Door CA in Barrie, Ontario. Our factory-trained and licensed techs are at your service. We can define and fix any type of garage door of most makers. We’re going to make it worth your while. Be sure to receive the perfect-done job on.

Types of Garage Doors We Service in Barrie

Fix Garage Doors CA™ in Barrie services a wide variety of designs and systems of garage doors. Don’t forget about the maintenance that is an integral part of the service of any residential and light commercial garage door system; our highly qualified professionals are sure to afford the long durability of your garage doors. We keep in mind all garage door problem issues that can appear, and of course, we can handle any that our customers can face in Barrie, Ontario. Fix Garage Doors CA grants services in the installation, repair and maintenance of any types of garage doors that we have in keeping. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer representative support in Barrie. We provide services all days a week from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, including weekends and holidays. Below you can find the information of widespread garage doors which our skilled specialists can deal with, providing either maintenance or repair as well.

Sectional Garage Doors

The significant majority of garage doors that are installed are sectional doors. Thus, they are doors with four or five horizontal panels joined together with hinges. This allows the door to bend and follow a curved path as it opens and closes. The hinges need an inspection on due time and lubrication as a part of the maintenance ongoing plan.

Roll up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors are designed to fit into compact areas and last a lifetime. Having attractive and powerful drive, they require using a strong motor that coils the sections of the garage door onto a drum above the opening of the garage. The motor is under stress as well as the axle of the drum. Both need to be checked as a part of maintenance.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors were commonly used for commercial spaces, but now they are effectively implemented and utilized in a home. Sliding doors only have a few components that include an easy maintenance factor. However, the springs and tracks are under constant strain from the large single-panel garage doors. Thus, all these parts need to remain tightened with occasional service.

Garage Door Installation in Barrie

Homeowners and businesses alike have any given motivation behind the installation of a new garage door. From wanting to improve curb appeal to needing a new set of panels; many do not realize the various options offered when choosing garage doors. In addition to the customary overhead garage door, customers are looking at considering options. The qualified experts at Fix Garage Doors CA are ready not only to help you to choose the most suitable variant but to install a new garage door of any type and complexity.

Barrie garage door repair provides the installation services of the entirely new garage doors. You won’t be disappointed with our reliable prices on the installation and following maintenance.

Garage Door Repair in Barrie

Garage Door Repair in Barrie

Unfortunately, as with any other part of the house, the garage door can’t be new forever. If you can see that your garage door has damages or some other components need repair, replacement or installation of a new door, it’s time to pay attention to our experts. Certified pros at Fix Garage Doors CA can manage any issues with them. You will enjoy our attractive discounts for senior customers, a new installation or when booking online. Besides, you may take advantage of a complete warranty for parts replacement and repair services. Trust your garage doors our experts and they will work like a charm. Contact the team of factory-trained technicians at Fix Garage Doors CA in Barrie, and receive high-quality help in no time. You may face the following issues with your garage door:

  • The garage door spring is broken
  • Roll-up repair or replacement
  • Door tracks and rails repair
  • Garage door bracket repair
  • The garage door opener is not working
  • Garage door cables are broken

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    Types of Garage Door Motor Openers We Service in Barrie

    Garage door openers are small remotes or devices that are mounted to the wall of your garage, and you can open your garage doors with the push of a button. This requires some installation if they connect to the electrical system of your home. But when they are assembled, they make opening and closing your garage door easy and convenient. There are several types of garage door motor drives: belt drive openers, chain drive openers and screw door openers.

    Licensed experts at Fix Garage Doors CA will give you a piece of advice not only for choosing the proper door opener but they are ready to installation them and service. No matters the problem you can face, our skillful technicians will cope with any.

    Chain Drive Openers

    Chain drive openers are typically traditional steel chains that are used for extra strength and durability. Such types of door openers are excellent suits for detached garages. The main advantage is that chain drives are stronger: they can lift much more than a belt motor drive. This makes them the choice for moving heavier doors. Thus, consider them if you’re going with a steel carriage. Go with a chain drive if you have a 2-car garage door. This is the most common and cheapest drive type, but it requires periodic maintenance.

    Belt Drive Openers

    This garage door opener has a steel-reinforced belt drive to ensure that the opener works quietly and lasts a long time. It also has anti-vibration technology for a smooth open and works in hot, cold, and humid conditions. Expensive garage door openers use a belt-drive, but they can be definitely worth the extra cost due to their durability, lack of requirements for constant maintenance, and smooth and silent operation. This will make the best choice for heavy garage doors.

    Screw Drive Openers

    The screw drive garage door openers will offer the most power along with the fastest operating speeds. If you have a large garage door of more than 14ft. high or one-piece doors up to 8ft high, then these are the drive openers you’d like to use. This is because our screw drive openers feature an exclusive direct drive system that transfers more power from the motor without using a gear reduction system. Taking into consideration of their sensitiveness to the outer temperature, they may require more maintenance more frequent.

    Talk to our experts in your area

    Our company provides the repair and installation services of all types of garage door openers of major brands. Among the most popular make we service are LiftmasterChamberlain, Mastercraft, Clopay, and many other widely-spread make and models. Call Toll-free at tel:1-888-242-0777  and our representatives will help you to choose and schedule an appointment.

    Fix Garage Doors CA™ has licensed and insured experienced specialists to repair, maintain, and install your garage door openers. We provide services for residential and light commercial customers on a same-day basis at reliable prices, including discounts. You can contact us online or by phone seven days a week.