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Garage Door Frame Repair Service

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Garage door frame repair is a crucial service for homeowners and businesses, addressing structural issues that can compromise the security and functionality of the garage door system. Over time, garage door frames may succumb to weather, wear and tear, or accidents, leading to misalignment or damage that hinders the proper operation of the door. Repairing the frame ensures a snug fit for the door and contributes to insulation and weatherproofing, preventing drafts and moisture from entering the garage space.

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Garage Door Frame Repair Service -

Garage Door Frame Repair in Toronto and GTA

The garage door frame defines the garage door style, sits around the outside and offers additional insulation. As a rule, a door frame is made of wood or aluminum, leading to damaged or rotting frames or, sometimes, more serious problems. Thus, framing a garage door is the issue you should consider when your door does not open or close smoothly or does not function as it should.

Are you seeking experts to repair garage door frames in Toronto and the GTA? The company is ready to respond to your quote quickly, and you will take most of your phone calls. We are here to help you. Qualified techs at Fix Garage Doors CA are prepared to fix this frame even if it is not in good shape, improperly installed, or damaged. If you have any concerns regarding framing your garage door, call us for garage door frame repair for your peace of mind.

Garage Door Frame Repair in Toronto and GTA
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Garage Door Emergency Repair

Same-Day Garage Door Frame Repair

Like no one else, we do understand how important when your garage doors are in good shape 24 hours, seven days a week around the year. They add security to your home and family. Minor damages require immediate attention because they pose security risks and can cause more serious issues. We are available 7 days a week and provide same-day garage door frame repair services.

Are you looking for high-quality garage door framing or any other emergency garage door repair services? If you notice or feel that something is wrong with the door frame, turn to us. Chances are more than high that the garage door frame is rotten or damaged due to a storm or an accident. Besides, frames are considered to wear over time and must be replaced. No worries, all it takes is a call our call centre at (905) 247-6699, and you will receive the best services in no time.

Garage Door Frame Repair Services

Most customers always ask a question why we should think much about the frame as it is just a door frame. The main point is that we are worried it should be one of the popular garage door styles. Can it get broken? We must argue and ensure there is a big issue; a broken door frame will make your garage door useless, and you risk intruders entering your garage or your house. In this case, the garage door frame will need a repair or full replacement, increasing much more than repair costs.

Thus, if you seek professionals for garage door frame replacement or repair, Fix Garage Doors CA is at your service in Toronto and GTA. Everything about the framing is important: the garage door frame construction, correct measurements and installation services care about the material quality, and so on. The framing requires precision, and we will send technicians who measure well to frame the opening based on the garage door’s size. You will surely get services on framing garage door sides, and the header has been done perfectly.

How to Fix Door Frame Damage

Garage door frame repair is likely a problem when you are unaware of what to do and know nothing about repairs. But our experts prepared a small guide on how to fix door frame damage. Everything will depend on the situation and your decision to repair or replace the garage door frame.

1. Prepare the garage door

Slide the blade under the edges of the trim gently to remove it. Do not forget to remove the caulk seal between the trim and garage door framing. Use a screwdriver if it is necessary.

2. Remove the old framing

Be careful to avoid damage to the header.

3. Replace the jamb

Don’t use too much force.

4. Push in a position

Once cutting is made, it is time to install the new jamb to eliminate the gap between its top end and the header.

5. Reinstall the trim

The trim must be returned to the same location as it was before.

Looking for DIY videos over the Internet will help you to save money, but you must know about the risks involved. However, the best choice is to contact professional techs for garage frame repair near me to evaluate the situation in full better.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best caulk for garage door trim?

    The best caulk for garage door trim is typically a high-quality silicone caulk or a polyurethane caulk. These types of caulks are preferred because they offer excellent durability and flexibility, which is crucial for withstanding the temperature fluctuations and exposure to the elements that garage doors often endure. Additionally, they adhere well to various surfaces and provide a long-lasting seal.
    When selecting caulk, look for one labeled as "paintable" if you plan to paint over it to match your garage door's trim. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and drying times for the best results.

    How do you fill gaps around a garage door frame?

    To fill gaps around a garage door frame, follow these steps:
    1. Inspect the Gaps: Identify the gaps and assess their size and shape.
    2. Choose the Material: Select an appropriate filler material, such as weatherstripping, foam insulation, or silicone caulk, based on the gap size and location.
    3. Clean the Area: Ensure the area around the gaps is clean and free of debris.
    4. Apply the Filler: Use the chosen material to fill the gaps:
    a. Weatherstripping: Attach self-adhesive weatherstripping along the sides and top of the frame.
    b. Foam Insulation: Insert foam insulation strips or backer rod into larger gaps.
    c. Silicone Caulk: Apply silicone caulk to seal smaller gaps and cracks.
    5. Smooth and Trim:Smooth the caulk or insulation, and trim any excess material for a neat finish.
    6. Test the Seal: Close the garage door to check for proper sealing. Adjust and reapply filler if necessary.

    How much does it cost to replace garage door frame?

    The main point regarding garage door frame repair costs is whether you will do it yourself or hire a professional. If the damages prove too severe or complicated, the only logical option is to hire the services of a professional. Contact us for qualified help and let our technicians estimate costs after inspecting damages. The cost to replace the garage door frame starts from $99. This repair will typically involve patching and additional reinforcement and parts of the garage door frame needed.

    Do you offer garage frame repair near me?

    Fix Garage Doors CA has more than 16 years of experience in this industry and offers the most professional garage door repair services, including garage door wooden or garage door metal frame repair. We are available seven days a week, and you can trust any problems with our specialists.