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Garage Door Opener Sensor Repair Service

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Garage door opener sensor replacement involves the installation of new safety sensors for a residential or light commercial garage door system. These sensors typically mounted on either side of the garage door near the floor, use infrared technology to detect objects or obstructions in the door's path. When the sensors are misaligned or malfunctioning, they can prevent the door from closing or cause it to reverse unexpectedly. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of the garage door, it is essential to promptly replace faulty or damaged sensors.

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Garage Door Opener Sensor Repair Service -
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Repair Garage Door Sensor

If you can’t park in your garage because you require garage door opener sensor repair, there’s a quick and easy solution. Fix Garage Doors CA can help you with all necessary repairs and services on your sensor. If you need a replacement sensor, we can also take care of that, but our repairmen will always try to fix your existing sensor first.

When you hire Fix Garage Doors CA, a fully licensed and insured technician will always perform your sensor maintenance. We have years of experience working in both residential and light commercial settings. Here are the reasons we hope you’ll choose us for your next garage sensor repair in the Greater Toronto Area:

  • More than 150,000 successful repairs have been done in the Toronto and the GTA areas
  • 1-year warranty when we repair your garage door sensor
  • Free maintenance and lubrication when you spend more than $150
  • Free estimates on broken or damaged sensors
  • Licensed and insured technicians
  • 15+ years servicing the GTA
  • $40 off new installations
  • $35 off rates for seniors
Repair Garage Door Sensor
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Fix Garage Doors CA

Same-Day Garage Door Opener Sensor Repair Service

At Fix Garage Doors CA, we have the experience and know-how to repair a sensor in a garage door opener the same day you call for our help. We’ve been helping customers with repairs in the Toronto area with various garage door issues, including sensor repair for all major brands.

Quick Repair of Misaligned Photo Sensor

Misalignment is one of the most common problems we run into when sensors aren’t working properly. This may be because something is constantly nudging up against them, or it may have happened because a vehicle or other object got a little too close as it was passing by the sensor.

Replacement of Damaged Sensors

If our on-site technicians can’t fix a broken sensor in your garage, they will replace it with genuine manufacturer parts after consulting with you first. Our specialists travel with most of the needed parts, but if they do have to return to the shop, they’ll return as soon as possible to finish the repairs.

Remove Objects Blocking the Sensor

If your sensor appears to be properly aligned and there isn’t any obvious debris blocking the sensor track, we’ll start by cleaning the lens to ensure there isn’t some dirt or debris blocking the photosensor that isn’t immediately obvious.

Fixing Problems with Garage Door Sensors

We have technicians nearby in the GTA ready to repair your sensor in a garage door opener. We can help to:

  • Realign your sensor
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the sensor track
  • Make sure there’s power to the sensor
  •  Check for moisture damage to the sensor
  • Clean any dirt and debris from the sensor
  • Check for loose wires

If the sensors are still malfunctioning, contact our garage door repair company to replace them.

Cost of Sensor Repair

This price, of course, varies from the type and model of the garage door opener. Many sensors, nonetheless, cost around $32 and higher. Your mechanic’s labour costs also likely vary based on a few factors, including how difficult it is to access your sensors.

We Repair Garage Opener Sensors From Major Modern Brands

No matter why you may require garage door opener sensor service, Fix Garage Doors CA is on standby, ready to help. We’ve been servicing sensors for automatic garage doors for more than a decade and a half now, and in that time, we’ve dealt with various problems. That experience allows us to find problems that others may have missed.

If you have a garage door made by any major brand on the market today, we can help fix your sensor. These are brands such as Genie, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and many others.

Why Should You Ask Fix Garage Doors CA for Repairs?

Having more than fifteen years of experience, Fix Garage Doors CA has been serving the automatic door needs of Toronto and the GTA area. Our company relies on solid customer relationships, and we treat each customer with the individual attention they deserve. We promise you will receive the very best service until you are completely satisfied.

You can call our customer representative or request a quote online, and a member of our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible. We will gladly determine how to help you and when to visit you. If you mentioned any problems with your sensor, we will send you a specialist to replace the garage door sensor the same day. We look forward to assisting you with your garage door issues.

Our repairmen have the experience and tools to help with all residential sensor issues and many light commercial problems as well. When you need a garage door sensor repaired quickly, contact Fix Garage Doors CA at (888) 242-0777

Fix Garage Doors CA

Type of Garage Doors Opener We Install

The Type of Garage Doors Opener Kit is classified by horsepower and indicated as HP. We serve the most popular Brands in North America of them

Chain Drive Openers

Chain Drive Openers

Traditional steel chain built for extra strength and durability. Ideal for detached garages.
Belt Drive Openers

Belt Drive Openers

Low maintenance, threaded steel rod system. Ideal for heavy garage doors.
Screw Drive Openers

Screw Drive Openers

No maintenance, steel-reinforced, heavy duty belt. Ideal for attached garage doors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a way to test garage door sensors?

    Yes, you can test garage door sensors to ensure they are functioning correctly. Here's how:
    1. Clear the Area: Make sure the garage floor between the sensors is free of objects or debris.
    2. Activate the Opener: Close the garage door using the opener.
    3. Obstruct the Sensors: While the door is closing, place an object in the path of one of the sensors to block the beam.
    4. Check Sensor Response: The sensors should detect the obstruction and reverse the door's direction, causing it to open again. This tests the safety feature.
    5. Repeat the Test: Repeat the test for the other sensor as well.
    If the door doesn't reverse when an object blocks the sensors, or if they are not aligned properly, you should clean or align them and retest. If the issue persists, consult a professional for repairs.

    How long do garage sensors last?

    Garage door sensors typically have a long lifespan, ranging from 5 to 15 years or more, depending on their quality and usage. Quality sensors from reputable manufacturers tend to last longer. Proper maintenance, such as keeping them clean and free of debris, can also extend their lifespan. However, environmental factors like extreme temperatures and humidity can affect their longevity.

    How much does it cost to replace a sensor on a garage door?

    The cost of replacing a garage door sensor can vary by location, the type of sensor, and the specific service provider you choose. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 to $150 or more for a single sensor. Labour costs for a professional technician typically range from $75 to $185, but this can also vary. These general cost estimates can differ depending on the specific region within Southern Ontario and the service provider you select.

    Garage door opener not working in cold weather

    It’s always possible your issue could be weather-related. If it is icy out, the lining of your garage door may be frozen and that is why the door is not going up. Besides, there could be condensation on your sensors obstructing their utility.

    How to disable a garage door safety sensor?

    Until you get your garage door safety sensor working, you may want to disable it until professional help arrives to ensure nothing is damaged. You can gently twist one, so the sensors do not line up, which will temporarily disable the sensor. You may not want to try anything more in-depth until you have professional help, as you do not want to damage the system permanently.

    Why should I call a professional for my garage door safety sensors?

    If your door sensors are malfunctioning you could have a problem with the wiring. And you know, anything involving electricity or wiring should always be left to a professional. It is not impossible for you to do a DIY of this nature. Wiring repair can be very tricky and potentially dangerous. A garage door professional has the experience and knowledge of working with many different types of systems and has the tools and equipment needed to fix the problem. They will also be able to look at the rest of your garage door system and see if there are any other fixes necessary in order for your door to operate correctly again. Moreover, a garage door professional will also be able to tell you if the problem is beyond fixing and you need a new garage door.

    Professional Garage Door Services We Provide

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