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Garage Door Safety Sensors Maintenance

Garage Door Safety Sensors Calibration

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Garage Door Safety Sensors Maintenance -

Garage Door Safety Sensors Calibration

It’s crucial to discover a spoiled sensor before it causes any damage or even hurts someone. But how can you tell? Garage door safety sensors maintenance.

An inspection by the Fix Garage Doors CA technicians will identify whether your garage door opener safety sensors and other components are on life support or already damaged altogether. Our maintenance services include cleaning the sensor lens, replacing wires, restoring power to the sensors, and tightening the sensor. Maintaining a garage door sensor costs less than replacing one.

The best part is that our garage door maintenance services come as a complete package, including installing garage door safety sensors and inspecting the springs, cables, tracks, hinges, and other hardware for wear and tear.

We lubricate the moving parts, tighten loose bolts and conduct garage door opener motor repair. We leave the whole garage system tuned up and at top performance.

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Garage Door Safety Sensors Calibration
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Same-Day Garage Door Maintenance

Same-Day Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors Maintenance Services Toronto and GTA

Did you know the law requires all garage owners to install safety sensors? Door sensors are small black boxes that lie a few inches from the floor on either side of your garage door with two indicator lights.

As their name suggests, the sensors are a security measure since they stop the garage door from shutting anytime there’s an obstacle underneath.

Damaged sensors pose a considerable safety threat, and regular maintenance is the best way to prevent sudden failures. Fix Garage Doors CA offers same-day garage door safety sensors calibration maintenance in Toronto and GTA.

Our emergency repair team is always ready to attend to urgent garage door safety sensor maintenance and repair. What’s more, is that we offer discount garage repair coupons.

Signs You Are in Need Garage Door Safety Sensors Service

If you didn’t get a maintenance service but suspect your sensors may be spoilt, there are a few early signs to look out for.

First, the minute the lights on the sensors begin to act up; you immediately know there’s an issue that needs fixing. If your door doesn’t close or starts to close and reverses back to being open, the sensors are probably malfunctioning.

The other sign is your door closing even when there’s an obstruction.

The latter is a far worse issue because a garage door can significantly damage a car, equipment, or even someone.

The garage door repair experts at Fix Garage Doors Ca have conducted over one hundred and fifty repairs, equipping them with enough experience to handle safety sensor repair. They are also licensed and insured to take on the risky maintenance or replacements needed.

Spotted any signs of malfunction? Contact us for same-day overhead garage door safety sensor repairs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes garage door safety sensor problems?

    Sometimes, cobwebs, grime, and dirt could obstruct your sensors. The sensor can also get hit by moving things, such as a car or a pet. It could also be worn out and need garage door safety sensor replacement.

    How often should I have my garage door safety sensors tested?

    The more a garage door is used, the more frequent sensor testing should occur. Doors that see daily use need maintenance every six months or at least once annually. Doors that automatically run and depend on the sensors should receive regular maintenance. They are easily damaged due to coming off or sticking on their tracks.

    How long do garage door sensors last?

    The matter depends on multiple factors, such as the brand. However, if you do not perform any maintenance on them, your sensors will wear out much faster. Clearing debris, tightening screws, and professional servicing will prolong the life of garage door sensors. The typical battery life of a safety sensor is 3 to 5 years, at which point you can replace the battery and not necessarily replace the whole sensor.