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4 Step Guide of How to Change Garage Door Opener Code: With and Without Keypad

4 Step Guide of How to Change Garage Door Opener Code: With and Without Keypad

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide that will show you how to reset a garage door opener code? If so, then this article will be perfect for you.
In this blog post, we discuss the process to change garage door opener code both with and without keypads. We also explain how to set a temporary PIN as well as outlining mistakes to avoid.

Situations Where Resetting Garage Door Codes May Be Required

Your garage door provides security to you and your home, so there are many reasons why resetting garage door codes may be required:

  1. The Door Opener Remote Is Lost Or Stolen
    If one of the remotes you use to open your garage door has gone missing it can be a concern that it will fall into the hands of someone who may take advantage of it and ransack your garage or home. Instead of disconnecting the drive cable, reset the remote transmitter code.
    Changing the garage door code is an easy way of setting your mind at ease and requires no programming skills or special equipment.
  2. You Want To Prevent Someone Gaining Access To The Garage
    You may have given a delivery driver the access code for your garage so that they can leave a parcel in there.
    If you have done this it is prudent to change the code, unless you know your delivery driver very well, to ensure that nothing untoward should happen (we explain later on in this article how to change garage door opener code and set a temporary PIN which may be useful in cases such as this).
    You may also want to restrict your ex-partner who has left with the spare garage remote from accessing the garage again.
  3. If You Have Recently Bought The Property
    If you have recently bought the property it is a very good idea to immediately change the garage door codes as soon as possible.
    Not only will the previous owners know the code there could be countless other people who visited the home in the past who also know it.

How to Reset Garage Door Code With a Keypad

If your garage door has a keypad and you are wondering how to reset a garage door code then follow these steps below:

  1. Open The Panel On Your Garage Door Opener
    Most garage door opener models have a small panel on the side that drops down or on top of the unit that flips up, underneath this there are typically a few buttons and there may be some wiring visible too.
  2. Press The ‘Learn’ Button
    The ‘Learn’ button is usually clearly marked, often it is square and either red or orange in colour. It may be located on the side of the motor or unit.
    When you press this button an LED will turn on above it. Hold the button until the LED goes out. This means the old code has been cancelled.
    Press the button again until the LED illuminates again.
    When the LED comes on this means you have 30 seconds to enter your new code.
  3. Enter The New PIN
    Go to your keypad and press in your new pin. Then press the ‘Enter’ button.
    When you do this your garage door opener light will either flash it’s light (if it has one) or you will hear a clicking noise.
    This confirms that the code has been reset.
  4. How To Set A Temporary PIN
    A temporary PIN can be very useful if you need to give a delivery man access to your garage. To set a temporary pin follow these steps:
    1. Type your permanent PIN into the keypad.
    2. Don’t press ‘Enter’…instead press the ‘*’ key.
    3. Your garage door opener will flash and/or click 3 times.
    4. Then enter your temporary PIN and press ‘Enter’.
    5. Your garage door opener will flash and/or click 4 times.
    6. Now you can set the length of time you want the temporary PIN to be active for. Press the ‘*’ if you want to set the number of hours it will be active for or press the ‘#’ if you want to set a certain number of times the door can be opened using the temporary PIN.
    7. After you have pressed either * or # then press one of the numbers, for example, ‘6’ so that the temporary PIN will only be active for 6 hours or 6 openings.

How To Reprogram Garage Door Code Without A Keypad

If you don’t have a keypad for your garage door opener and you are wondering how to reprogram the garage door code then the process for resetting the remote code is laid out below:

  1. Press The ‘Learn’ Button For 10 Seconds
    Find the ‘Learn’ button and hold it down. When you first press it, an LED will come on above the button, keep holding the button in until the LED goes out. This shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. Once the light goes out this means that the codes in your remote have been erased so your remote control will no longer work.
  2. Press The Learn Button Again
    Don’t hold it in this time, just press it once so that the LED turns on.
  3. Press The Button On The Remote
    When you do this the LED on your garage door opener will flash. This indicates that the remote has been reprogrammed.
  4. Check It Works
    Press the button again and if everything has been done correctly your garage door should open.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Recode Garage Door Openers

In most cases, when you need to recode the garage door opener it should be a fairly simple process.

Provided you follow the steps laid out above you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

The most common mistake people make when re-coding their garage door opener is pressing the remote or ‘Learn’ buttons in different sequences.

If you get the order wrong then this can complicate the process.

If you’re struggling to change the code and you think you may have pressed one of the buttons on the keypad/remote or the ‘Learn’ button out of sequence then give the system 30 seconds to reset or unplug the motor for a count of ten and plug it in again, and then start again from the beginning.

Mainstream brands such as Liftmaster, Genie, Mastercraft, Chamberlain and others are programmed in pretty much the same way, regardless of what brand you have in your garage our process should work.

If you’re having trouble with your particular brand of garage door opener then give Fix Garage Doors CA a call. We’re experts in all types of garage door openers and will be able to quickly and easily guide you through exactly what you need to do.

Best Options For Resetting Your Garage Door Opener Code

The process of resetting your garage door opener code is simple and takes less than five minutes. Whether you have a keypad or just a remote to reset the whole process is quick and simple regardless of the model you have.
Simply hold the learn button, enter your new code and you’re good to go. Or if you’re resetting a remote then press the learn button for ten seconds to clear the code from it, press the learn button again and then press the button on your remote and voila, you’ve reset it!

If you have difficulties and struggle to reset the garage door opener code, call, text or email Fix Garage Doors CA. Our highly skilled technicians install, maintain, and repair all brands of garage doors and openers and will help you out.

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